I would 100% recommend Coach Caric to work with any sports team. The insight he gives into all aspects of competition, teamwork and roles played by individuals is so helpful and is a massive confidence boost to the entire team. We are proud to have him support Team England ParaCheer Hip Hop on our worlds journey. He is a great mentor for our athletes and has been invaluable, professional and knowledgeable about issues that affect our athletes and supportive beyond belief.

Sammi Coggans, Louise Durrant and Jenny Leggott

Team England ParaCheer Hip Hop Coaches

We had a great time with Coach Caric, Caz & Miah when they visited us. As Coaches we found his presentation and exercises very insightful, the girls took on his advice and tips and their parents came away with a new found understanding of what being in a competitive team is like for their daughter.

His support in Orlando with our Senior Hip Hop Team when they suffered two injuries is so very much appreciated. We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to speak to the girls and help us as coaches. Your advice and support will always be remembered!

Would most definitely recommend booking these wonderful people

Cherry Masson

Head Coach , Limits Allstars and Team Scotland Hip Hop

On July 30th 2016, my daughter Aimee underwent a 7 hour surgery to straighten her 64.1 degree Scolisis curve. Nothing too exceptional other than she was a level 5 cheerleader about to be given the opportunity to be part of the Worlds team at ICE.

I still struggle to go into detail what we went through as parents so I can’t even pretend to know what she was going through as a 13yr kid.

To anyone else, it was a shame that she had to give up cheerleading, but to anyone involved in cheer, you could understand exactly what this meant.  She trained 5 times a week, it kept her on the straight and narrow and she had the most amazing friends, something you can’t just give up!

Even through her tears after being told she needed her operation, she said “I’m gonna come back here in a year and tumble across that grass back right in front of his office!” (That’s my girl)

So the operation happened and fast forward to the recovery.

On the surface she put on a brave face, still attending training and ICE were fab throughout but she was struggling, she was bored and getting a bit wayward, proof that cheer really does keep kids on the straight and narrow!

Aimee was due for a check up almost 1 year post op and we were waiting for the decision from her surgeon on whether she could get back to cheer in the new season, this is when Coach Caric reached out to us, offering his help.

Aimee has been back at cheer since the new season started, it’s been a frustrating journey, her body funnily enough can still do everything but her mind is stopping her.

I asked if I could reach out to Coach Caric and she agreed..

We have been in touch via email due to distance, and had a great meeting at ICC Nationals Nottingham. What a wonderful warm approachable guy Coach Caric is, literally wants the best for our Cheerios. ( and my Aimee don’t warm to many people!)

Through the amazing advice and techniques Aimee was given, guess what?! …….

She got her standing tuck back tonight!!!!

You have been the BIGGEST help the Aims and I can’t thank you enough.


Sarah Gooda

The training that Richard gives to athletes and coaches has been so valuable for Team England ParaCheer in the run up to Worlds! It has enabled the teams to approach such a potentially nerve-wracking competition noticeably more confidently, with an arsenal of tips and tricks that will help them perform to their full potential. Richard has helped our athletes to understand the biology and psychology behind their feelings about skills, and about competing. This has meant that they now understand how to get any skill anxiety and performance nerves under control, by following a whole range of effective exercises and thought patterns that Richard has taught them. It’s amazing to see all of his incredible knowledge and experience shine through, in a way that is completely accessible to every athlete. We know that the training that we’ve received through Caric Care will have an amazing impact on the way that our athletes perform on the Worlds floor, and at every competition they’re at for the rest of their cheer careers. Caric Care is an incredible service, and we’d recommend it to everyone!

Thanks again for working with us, and I hope to see you again soon.

Team England ParaCheer

We met coach Caric the day before we competed for the first time at Worlds 2018. We had a very nervous set of athletes who feared dropping their stunts in the most important performance of their lives.
Coach Caric came to our aid and completely changed the mindset of each athlete on the team. He explained how to manage their fears and nerves, and how to use them in a positive way to fuel their performance. His talk with the team was tailored to the age group of the athletes and they were completely engaged from start to finish.

His explanations and methods couldn’t have worked any better for us. Our team of once nervous athletes performed a perfect routine and hit zero.

As a team, we were physically prepared for the challenge ahead, and, after meeting coach Caric, they were also mentally prepared.

I truly beleive a huge part of their succsess at Worlds is down to Coach Caric and how he changed our girls mind set for the better, as does the whole team.

His ongoing support during the competition and afterwards has also been incredible.
Speaking with Coach Caric has been so valuable to our team; I couldn’t reccomend him enough.
Thank you for everything Coach Caric.

Gina Williams

Owner/Director , Trailblazer Allstars Cheerleading Academy

We have had the pleasure of working with Richard on two occasions now, he comes down to our weekend training sessions for our Worlds teams. I think that Richard is a great asset to any team; as coaches we are so focused on the end goal, the competition, that I think it can be very easy to let the mental welfare of your team pass you by. Richard comes in and talks to the team as a whole and also does separate one to one sessions with those we think may benefit, or those who request it. He speaks about coping strategies for mental blocks, about ways to combat pre competition stresses and also about how to go about managing all of those external influences on mood and performance that we so often miss as coaches.

One of our key demographics at Coventry is young females aged 11-16 years, I personally think that social pressure on these young people is huge, having a safe haven in the gym where you know you are not going to be judged, where you can really relax and learn how to become the best version of your self is fantastic. Having Richard around at practices adds to what we can offer as a program, we want to build a team that has great chemistry, not necessarily the worlds best athletes, but a team that really clicks, where everyone can be themselves and be happy to be at practice and excited embrace and share the amazing experiences that lie ahead.

I would 100% recommend the service Caric Care provide. It has helped many in my program already and I’m sure will continue to do so.  As coaches we know that well balanced, calm, happy,  passionate and anxiety free athletes will help us achieve our end goals. I look forward to working more with Richard and to where this partnership will lead, I hope that many more of you have the pleasure of working with him in the future.

Sarah Biggs

Managing Director, Coventry Dynamite

Can’t recommend Coach Caric enough.

Our coaching staff learnt so much when he came to do presentations at our cheer house – it has enabled us as coaches to be more understanding and to help our athletes even more!

Our parents and athletes were also so impressed and all went away saying they’d learnt a lot in their presentation about things they could do in preparation for competition!

Coach Caric then did a night of private sessions with some of our girls who struggle with confidence/mental blocks, and after just one session it made the world of difference – all of these girls since have been able to overcome their blocks and hit their tumbles/stunts!

We have Coach Caric returning to work with our highest level squads in October and our girls are already looking forward to it!

We will be using him much more in the future!

Thank you for everything Coach Caric!

Sian Thorley

Program Owner, Infinity Cheer

“As we head towards the end of this academic year I should like to thank you most sincerely for the contribution you have made this year to our trainees’ professional development, in your sessions on ‘FGM,CSE, Forced marriage’ etc and on ‘Stress Management’.  Both were challenging topics to introduce during a training year but both are, in my view, absolutely essential for teachers to understand.

In reading through my trainees’ evaluations, so many have commented very positively – indeed the words ‘essential’, ‘informative’ and ‘amazing’ have all appeared, with many making reference to content, detail, practical strategies and particularly the method of presentation which they found to be both engaging and practical. ”

Rosamund Armbrister

Training Manager, Pioneers Partnership SCITT

After recommending Caric Care (Richard) we were surprised at how quickly he assessed an individuals needs and prepared a plan to teach their goals.  We cannot recommend him highly enough and will continue to refer to him.  Thank you again.

Lisa Rowell

CM Law

Thank you so much for running the Anxiety Group.  Your enthusiasm, knowledge and ability really made a difference.  I hope you would consider doing the group again in the future.

Warmest wishes

Sally A Williams

Specialist Practitioner, Primary Mental Health Team

Competing British Equestrian Novice has been a goal of mine since I started competing aged 11. I never quite achieved it with my last pony despite being on the border for a long time.

What stopped me? Honestly? It was myself. Ever since I can remember I have hated showjumping with a passion. If you ask me what I don’t like, I honestly can’t tell you. The whole experience had always filled me with dread and led to me forgetting how to ride when I entered the competitive ring.

My first BE event of the season came around and despite not being one bit concerned about the course, as soon as I finished my dressage the feelings of dread returned. I honestly can’t tell you why! For the first time I felt fully confident in my skills but I still didn’t want to go in the arena. It was then I decided this was habit – it has nothing to do with my ability!

Cue the help from a fantastic sports psychologist. I am lucky enough to know of Coach Caric’s amazing work in my other sport cheerleading and so thought it was worth contacting him to see if he could help.

He immediately replied with some techniques which I put in place at Floors castle, for a confident, no nerves show jumping round. Not wanting to speak to soon, I decided to wait and see how these techniques paid off this weekend when I did my first Novice.

I’d always maintained I’d be happy with 3 down in my first attempt. Well, Sunday surpassed my expectations! Chester performed a beautiful round for an unlucky one down on a course that had caused carnage! We received multiple compliments on our stylish round.

Was I nervous? Yes! Of course I was! But after employing the techniques Coach Caric sent me, I kept these in check. This allowed me to do what I’ve trained for and keep my head the whole way round and even enjoy myself whilst I did!!

I can’t thank him enough for this and anyone who is struggling with controlling nerves or anxiety please contact him! He’s not just limited to cheer, he has made a huge difference to me in a minuscule amount of time in a sport he probably didn’t know much about!